• Feb. 22 2013: The auto industry's best kept secret

    Submitted On March 14th, 2013

    Automakers are among the most efficient corporate recyclers in the U.S. Why do we never hear about it?

    FORTUNE -- Cars, long the bane of environmentalists, are becoming more earth-friendly. Finally, there is enough of a business case for big car companies to start building electric vehicles, hybrids, and, in the future, fuel cell-powered cars. It looks like the indu  (Read More)

  • Globe and Mail July 19, 2012: Groups target rules for auto recycling

    Submitted On August 02nd, 2012

    Groups target rules for auto recycling

    Auto makers and recyclers are pushing provincial governments to adopt tough new recycling rules for vehicles that they say will lead to improved recycling rates, less environmental damage and even reduce auto-related crimes.

    Industry groups admit they are acting out of pure self-interest: They fear that if they d  (Read More)

  • Toronto Star Sept 2, 2011: Why you should care about the fate of your old car

    Submitted On February 27th, 2012

    Rules badly needed for neglected auto recycling

    Will the fate of defunct cars influence your vote in the Oct. 6 Ontario election?

    What! You haven’t even thought about it? Perhaps you should.

    After all, an estimated 550,000 vehicles are scrapped here every year. The business generally goes unnoticed.

    Its problems wou  (Read More)

  • Hank's Auto Wreckers in the Woolwich Observer September 2010,

    Submitted On February 24th, 2012

    Regulations a key part in scrapping

    Steve Fletcher believes that the national code of practice developed for Retire Your Ride will eventually become an industry standard; if you want to handle scrap cars, you’ll be required to follow certain standards. In the meantime, membership in OARA isn’t required to be in the scrapping business, and OARA can’t tell non-members   (Read More)

  • Hank's Auto Wreckers in the Woolwich Observer September 2010,

    Submitted On February 24th, 2012

    Your car gets a new life after its last ride

    Every year, millions of gleaming new cars roll off assembly lines and out of dealer lots, to be polished, photographed, gloated over and perhaps named. Every year, millions more are totalled in accidents or decay past the point of repair and are hauled away to scrap yards.

    Scrap yards aren’t just automotive garbage dumps,  (Read More)